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Gratereaux Delva y Asociados

Gratereaux Delva & Asoc. is a law firm that started out living legal advice to family and friends.  Its founders, MARÍA ELENA GRATEREAUX DELVA, a Dominican attorney, and PHILIPPE DELVA, a French investor who has lived in the Dominican Republic for the past 20 years, started giving legal advice to friends, close relatives and foreign investors who needed efficient and personalized professional help.

Our firm began to grow and make a name for itself, but never lost sight of its original goal: TO DEFEND OUR CLIENTS’ INTERESTS AS THOUGH THEY WERE OUR OWN.

We specialize in services which cover all the legal needs of individuals as well as companies and institutions, regardless of their size.  Our firm has proudly served many national and international companies.

Since we also speak French and English, our firm has been able to provide legal advice to individuals, institutions and companies around the world.

Our firm represents multinational companies, firms from the public and private sectors, as well as national and foreign businesses, financial institutions, insurance companies and tour operator companies, among others.

Our corporate department has ample experience with foreign investments, real estate sales and purchases, mergers and the acquisition of companies in general, in addition to financing and debt restructuring, the issuance of bonds and private investments, and we have been very successful in the judicial area.

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